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when people criticize your otp:



"Monosexism and biphobia aren’t real"

just some things i saw on fb tonight followed up by some fact checking. 



Dee’s awful pattern. S9E01: The Gang Broke Dee.
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#Look how much it hurt her what they said #they didn’t trust her enough until she was close to death like they were.



I don’t think I could ever date a good actor like he could tell me he loves me and I’d be like nah you said it much more convincingly to kate winslet try again

I'm surprised they haven't even delved into Thor's reaction to Loki being from Jotunheim on screen.




OH SWEET JESUS don’t remind me. I kind of sort of forgave The Avengers for not bringing it up because hell, there was other stuff going on and it really wasn’t the time, but the fact that we’ve never seen Thor react to it outside of a vague shot when Loki spoke of his “true parentage” really pisses me off. I mean, it’s not like Loki necessarily needs more woobification or anything, but it seems ridiculous that a major trauma in his life that drove him off the deep end quite literally has just become a forgotten plot device in the first movie. Continuity between these movies can be such a joke sometimes. I know it’s probably the Powers That Be freaking out about continuity lock out, but ffs. This is a franchise. It connects. So call back to shit, would you already.

…no, I am not bitter. Not sure what gave anyone that idea. [shifty eyes]

I actually think it’s more of a race issue; I mean, they set up Asgard as literally calling a race of people monsters, so much so that’s embedded in children’s stories for goodness’ sake (think pretty much any depiction of the Jews in Europe before World War Two for the past few hundred years). But the problem is that Asgard is never presented as especially bad, and Thor never actually rejects or goes against this sort of prejudice (I really don’t think 3 days on Earth, surrounded by humans, would teach him that Jotnar aren’t monsters. Maybe just that murdering all of them is not good). Then there’s also Frigga and Odin, who were presented as the Big Goods in the first movie, doing nothing about the racism despite being the damn King and Queen and raising a Jotun son. It’s like how they erased the bit from Thor 2 about how Bor unleashed a poison on Svartalfheim that ended up wiping out Malekith’s family. Or how the realms immediately “fall into chaos” without Asgard there to protect them. Asgard is set up as big shining essentially good realm, but it’s more like the colonialist British Empire or even Imperialistic America, and the movies try to support this narrative.

Talking about Jotunheim or Loki’s heritage at all would raise all these racist issues about the royal family and Asgard itself. Delving into these problems would be too much for just a superhero movie. This isn’t Thor Becomes King and Becomes an Enlightened Ruler, Trying to Prevent Racism and Imperialism Within the Nine Realms; this is Thor Defeats the Bad Guys With Mjolnir. Although if they really wanted to show how much Thor had grown, they could have him go against the Asgard’s more racist and imperialistic aspects. But again, too much for a superhero/fantasy movie.

Which is probably why we read the fanfiction.

Actually, I think this is probably a very fair point. No-one’s really watching these movies for the “deeper” stories,or so they tell themselves. Which strikes me as kind of ridiculous anyway because much as I don’t really identify with or have a lot of interest in the character of Steve Rogers, The Winter Soldier is probably one of the more thematically interesting films because they treat it more like a political thriller than a superhero movie. It reminded me of Iron Man, actually, because instead of being a superhero movie like one would have expected of the genre at the time it was two hours of Tony’s An Asshole But He Doesn’t Have To Be A Jerkface Too without it turning into existential angst because Tony’s got too much shit to do. That’s why I enjoyed it. But…yeah. Some of the other movies seem too afraid to actually use what they have. They just want to play it safe, because god knows the Iron Man movies rolled swiftly downhill and I blame it on Marvel wanting to “stick to the money formula” never mind it was NOT sticking to the money formula at the time that made it popular. Sigh.

But yeah. The story doesn’t have to be all about Thor trying to change Asgard from within. It’d be enough if it just became part of Thor maturing in his own self in the knowledge he is a leader in his world and beyond and should set an example. Although really I just wish Loki and Thor could talk about this stuff at all.

Well, while Cap 2 did have a deeper story (dealing with the military espionage part of America, but with super-secret Nazis), the Avengers and Thor 2 didn’t really. Nor did GotG, but the un-serious tone worked for the movie. With Thor 2, instead of having all the deeper stuff and delving into issues with Asgard and stuff from the first movie (not one person has commented on Loki’s attempted suicide), they went with flash instead. As you said,* Sigh*.

I would like that: “Thor maturing in his own self in the knowledge he is a leader in his world and beyond and should set an example”. And Loki and Thor actually talking. But I doubt we ever will, because nobody wants to talk about race and racism in your superhero movie, unless it’s all only the villain’s fault. Or Kenneth Branagh is directing it.

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Sometimes reading an amazing story or seeing some amazing art inspires me to create my own.

Sometimes reading an amazing story or seeing some amazing art makes me never want to draw or write again.

No no matter how I feel at the time, I still find the work to be amazing, and I would never in a million years say something nasty to the creator.

There’s no shame in feeling down about your work because of theirs, but there is shame in attacking them over it.

They didn’t create something just to spite you, and you know what?

Sometimes they read an amazing story or see some amazing art that inspires them to create their own.

Sometimes they read an amazing story or see some amazing art that makes them never want to draw or write again.











this is the best thing i’ve ever made 


Had four bears, Gandalf. No wonder Theoden’s sad, with you reminding him of what he’s lost.